Mandarin cake
               The original Text and Pictures belong to Laura  Gill  only translated  the famous recipe .


Ingredients   for  24 portions :

For Dough:
- 125 gr.  butter or margarine
- 100 g. sugar
- 4 eggs
- 200 g. flour
- 1 Baking Powder
- 5 tea spoons cacao  powder
- 1 tea spoon rum

For Cream :
- 2 cans of mandarin ( of  312 gr. each)
- 500 ml. kefir
- 100 gr. sugar
- 10  of  Supercook Fine leaf gelatine 20G
- 200 ml. whipped cream

Dough Ingredients :

The butter or margarine  and the sugar are mixed  with the kitchen-mixer.

Add  eggs and butter

Mix the flower with Baking powder and cacao:

All ingredients are mixed until is an omogen Dough :

...Then add the rum:

Hot oven at  180 grade C.
On pan  cooking liner for protection  and level the dough:

Level with a spatula  and cook approx. 25 min .then  let for cooling.

  Fig No 1

Cream Ingredients :

Separate the  mandarins  from the juice :

The Kefir, sugar  (200 g)  and 3 spoons of mandarins juice  are mixed:

Keep The Gelatine in plenty of cold water.

Gelatine pour carefully into a pan, dissolve under  a  small flame, stirring constantly but not let them give the boil.
I melt it in microwave  for few seconds
Then mix it into the kefir composition :

Mix the whipped cream:

... then add the mandarin  slides and  kefir cream  :


Level this composition  over Fig No 1 
(FigNo1 Could be flooded  with mandarin juice inserted in small hols ) 

The cake will be refrigerated for approx. min. 4 Hours cause of gelatine.

Then the cake will be portioned :

Then on each cake slide as ornament add mandarin slides and mint leafs(if) .


...And special for You.
The original Text and pictures belong to Laura  Gill  only translated  the famous recipe  .