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Kieth Gilkes


Installation is an


company serving

Mount Forest,

Hanover, Durham

Owen Sound,

Kincardine and

surrounding areas.



  Kieth Gilkes


Installation is

experienced in the

installation of




Ceramic Tile and

Dura Ceramic Tile





Kieth Gilkes


Installation is a

family owned

and operated

business doing

all their own

installations, helping you make

your house a home. 


Click on picture to view hardwood floors

 Hardwood is a great look in any home,

but its not bullet proof.  It can, and will

Scratch, Mark and Wear.  The great 

thing with this floor is that it can be

 fixed!  When it gets run down, you can

sand and refinish it.  Or if something is

dropped and damages a board,that  

board can be cut out and replaced.    

 Click on picture to view laminate floors

 Laminate has come a long way since

first introduced.  You can now get it in 

different colours, widths and lengths.

Still not bullet proof, but a very durable

long lasting floor.  When installing this

floor patience is a must.  If the locking

mechanism gets damaged it will not 

stay together.  

   Click on picture to view tile floors

 Tile is the most durable of all the 

floors when installed properly.  If you're

 using mesh and scratch coat, "STOP"!

In most cases when ditra is used doors

don't need to be cut down and the

dishwasher will fit back under the

counter top.  Ditra allows the tile and

sub-floor to move independently.



  • Before the flooring is installed  it needs to acclimate in the house for at least 48-72 hours
  • To find the square foot of a room measure the length X width, this equals the "SF" of your room.
  • When buying or ordering flooring always add 10% of "SF" this is for waste  like(broken,cracked,chipped,warped,layout,etc.)
  • Use calculator below to help calculate the amount of flooring you will need to do the job.