A--Past Productions 2008-2010: "Old Time Vaudeville Show", "Arsenic and Old Lace", "My Three Angels", and "On Golden Pond"

Old Time Vaudeville Show
a collection of comedy skits and songs

October 10-12, 2008

Entire Cast

Emily Fields, Patrick Mahaney
& Susan Marie Gordon

Susan Marie Gordon, Director/Performer

Jesse Ratcliffe
Music Director/Pianist

Adam T. Lowe and chorus
perform the
George M. Cohan Finale

Susan & Adam
"Under the Bamboo Tree"

Becky Moses and Susan

Emily Fields

Jesse, Adam, Susan, Patrick, & Emily

Al Katz as Norman and Linda Tawney as Ethel

    Al Katz as Norman
and Ruth Lynn Schwartz as Billy

Arsenic and Old Lace
the classic comedy thriller
Joseph Kesselring

April 24-26, 2009

Directed by
Susan Marie Gordon
with Tracy Schwartz, Assistant Director

Entire Cast

Elena Anderson & Susan Marie Gordon
as the Brewster Sisters

Garrett Letts and Tanner Bivens
as Jonathan Brewster    &    Dr. Einstein

Paul Stubbs
Teddy Brewster

Emily Fields and Patrick Mahaney
Elaine Harper & Mortimer Brewster

Morris V. Fleischer
 as Rev. Dr. Harper

Al Katz and Ruth Lynn Schwartz

Bob Leece 
as Lieutenant Rooney

On Golden Pond
Ernest Thompson

October 16-24
, 2010
Directed by
Susan Marie Gordon

Our Cast

My Three Angels
Sam & Bella Spewack

January 8-11, 2010

Directed by Susan Marie Gordon

Entire Cast
(Steve Hall, Kelly Eaton, Tev Barros,
Linda Tawney, David Ratcliffe,
Angie Ratcliffe, Patrick Mahaney,
Bob Leece, Gale Savage,
Aaron Bane, and Al Katz)

Our Three Angels
Aaron Bane, Bob Leece & Patrick Mahaney

The Ducotel Family;
Kelly Eaton, David Ratcliffe & Linda Tawney

Kelly & Steve Hall as Marie Louise & Paul

"Ah, here's the poison."
Joseph reads the letter, Jules admires the house, and Alfred admires Marie Louise
Felix looks for a bottle of Chartreuse.

"Why did he come if he didn't want  to see you?"
"I'm going to drink to my three angels."
Uncle Henri makes some powerful enemies.

"It's too much to ask destiny to send along the young man we're waiting for..."  Or is it?

Kelly Eaton as Chelsea and David Ratcliffe as Bill

Paul Stubbs as Charlie
and Linda Tawney as Ethel