Homework Expectations

Every resource student is required to utilize an assignment notebook or assignment sheet - daily. Assignment notebooks are provided by the school and may only be used by students who take the initiative to complete all homework on time and remain organized. Assignment notebooks should be signed by parents each evening, indicating that you are aware of your child’s assignments and that your child has completed the assigned homework for that evening.

Daily assignment sheets are often utilized in place of the assignment notebook. Students using an assignment sheet are required to have their sheet signed by a homeroom teacher, prior to leaving school each day. The homeroom teacher will indicate if your child has completed an assignment by writing “completed” next to the assignment – along with the teacher signature. If “completed” is not written next to the assignment, your child has not finished the assignment and needs to do so.

Each student is required to have their sheet signed by an adult from home, as each morning the sheet will be handed in to the homeroom teacher and a new sheet will be given. If a sheet is not signed, your child will remain after school for fifteen minutes. This sheet is used so that teachers and parents are able to check a student’s progress each day. By signing this sheet, you as a parent, are aware of your son/daughter’s progress each day as any missing assignments are listed on this page as well. Should missing assignments become an issue, a teacher signature will also be required after each class listed, indicating that the homework listed is correct and due the next day.

I ask that you ACTIVELY check your child’s assignment sheet/notebook by doing the following:

  • Ask your child to see his/her assignment sheet/notebook every evening.

  • Ask to see all assignments listed.

  • Review the assignments listed and check for accuracy as well as assignment completion.

  • Ask your child questions about the assignment(s).

  • Ask your child when he/she will be tested on the concepts covered.

  • Remember – if there is any confusion on an assignment send your child for extra assistance immediately!

  • Refuse to sign the sheet if all work is not complete.
There is a “note” section on each assignment sheet. Feel free to write a note if you have a question, comment or concern. I read each sheet, every morning. Assignment sheets are perfect for communication between home and school and are most important!