I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your child and will be working diligently to ensure that your child highly benefits, both academically and socially, from his/her time spent at James Giles School.

The junior high resource program operates on the foundation that all students should be placed in the least restrictive environment. Your child will be included in the regular education setting whenever possible. The advantage to this type of program is that your child is able to remain with his/her peers and experience success within the regular education setting.

The junior high staff and I will be working closely together, along with your child, to emphasize his/her strengths. We will also work closely as a staff to ensure that your child is grasping concepts that are presented in class and that instruction is delivered in a most effective manner, as well as geared toward the success of your child. We have high expectations for your child and will convey our enthusiasm, share our expertise, and assist your child in their academic pursuits.

A Special Education teacher will often be present in the regular education classroom to assist all students as needed. Each student will also be scheduled for resource services according to his/her IEP. Every effort will be made to provide resource services at a time that will not interfere with instruction time throughout the school day.

It is important to understand that success in the junior high will not come without hard-work and effort. It is also important to know that parent involvement is necessary and expected, as every effort will be made to consistently inform you of the happenings taking place at school. Assignment notebooks and weekly check-sheets are all in place so that each student’s progress is monitored on a constant basis. By signing your child’s assignment notebook each evening, you are taking an active role in your child’s education.