Undergraduate Research Opportunities in the Laboratory

We will need several undergraduates starting this Fall 2018 semester! 

Thanks for your interest in our lab! As a general rule, this is what we typically want and expect from our undergraduate researchers:

1. A minimum of 8-10 hr/week (for either paid or volunteer positions; maximum is 20 hr/week) - contiguous blocks of time are BETTER!  Be aware, we are on the Lake Nona campus of the UCF College of Medicine. Also, generally people volunteer for a semester and then we put them in a paid position if everything works out well. There are exceptions to this and volunteering is no guarantee of a future paid position especially as obtaining research support has gotten more and more difficult.

2. Willingness to perform unglamorous duties (e.g. solution preparation; assist research associates; tissue/cell preparation; experimental clean up) before getting the opportunity to do actual research. This is especially true for those with no prior research experience.

3.  A sincere interest in research - not just to get a letter of recommendation & to have something to put on med/dental applications under the heading "research experience". No experience, however, is necessary; we will train you in all techniques.

PLEASE READ! Because of number (3), we generally try to give preference to those individuals who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in some area of basic or clinical research (MS, PhD or MD/PhD program). This is not a hard and fast rule as we have had numerous pre-meds and pre-dents in the lab and currently do as well, but all things being equal, preference will go to research-oriented individuals. Finally, a practical matter: We prefer to take on undergraduates who have more than a single year remaining in their program. This is because it takes us some time and effort to train people in the lab. It also helps us to have continuity in the lab by not having to rehire a whole new set of undergraduates every year.

4. A sincere devotion to the Denver Broncos is a huge plus (only partially kidding).

If you feel you fit most or all of these qualifications, please click here to send Dr. Gilbertson an email. Let me know a little about you and how you feel you meet these requirements and I'll get back to you.

For more information on the lab, please check out other sections of this website.