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We have an active collaboration with Dr. Anhong Zhou (Biological Engineering, Utah State U) where we are attempting to identify and characterize the receptors that initiate signaling in response to external ligands using techniques that bridge the disciplines of bioengineering and biology.  Using such biophysically based imaging approaches as Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy we are exploring the nanotopography of cell surface receptors including those from the gustatory system.  This platform is also be used to investigate cell-based changes that occur during cancer and respiratory disease. We are expanding the capabilities of these systems by merging these technologies with measures of cell-based activity including patch clamp recording and functional cellular imaging of ion specific dyes.  These technologies have lead to the formation of a new start-up company, Cell Signaling Solutions LLC, run by Drs. Zhou and Gilbertson.

A few of our recent co-authored manuscripts can be found here

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation