screenshots to illustrate my posts on several forums 

Now this is what I meant in the post you just read!

There are lots of forums - or fora, that don't allow to paste pictures inline. There are also a lot of other forums that do allow it, but do not explain how to do it. 

Because of this,  I set up this page. Hope it is useful for others, too. Link at will! 

Het missende onderdeel

Hieronder een plaatje van welk onderdeel we kwijt zijn.

Picasa Screenshots 2009-02-12

After typing one character, 

a) the textbox looses focus
b) a misaligned (focusless) listbox is displayed on (0,0) relative to the Labels window


 Only the first two tags are added in de label listbox of the Labels window. Any tag typed after that, doesn't update the Labels listbox






Dualscreen on-the-fly interface proposal. 2009-01-26




A proposal to improve the 'One' Folding Bike concept so that it can actually be used 2009-01-22

Please click on the image to be able to read the informative text and see what I mean. Original design by Thomas Owen


A proposal for a better cut/paste metaphor 2008-08-17

 Cut files should leave a cut-out outline. Simple as that!


Partition Magic: The Great Disappearance 2008-05-14

 The end of my partitions in progress .... This progress bar indicated the total fragmentation of my Linux partition AND my Windows partitions. 

Tip: Never - ever - try to extend an EXT3 partition to the left. It will render both your previous NTFS partition and the EXT3 partition useless and fragmented beyond repair

Tip 2: Never try this with Partition Magic 8. But if you do, read the warnings about making backups and ACT accordingly. 





Kubista Artwork for Kickoff Menu - 2007-03-27:

Put these in /usr/share/apps/kicker/Pics, restart X and you're on!





 kmenu_basic.png (This one has to renamed to kmenu_basic.mng)

 And a mockup how it should (but not yet does) look...