Threading the Sling







Hold the rings in one hand and the tail in the other.









Pull the tail through both rings.






Pull the tail back through only one ring.








To tighten the sling, pull the tail.



Belly to Belly






Place the sling over one shoulder and across your body.  Be sure that the fabric is spread across your back, and cups your shoulder.  Also be sure that the rings are high on your shoulder.  Make sure the fabric is folded into a deep pocket for baby to sit in.  Hold baby high on your shoulder.













Pull the fabric over baby as you place baby down into the pocket.  Support baby's weight until you tighten the sling.







Still supporting baby's weight, tighten the sling by pulling the tail up, out, and down. Remember to wear your baby high.  Slowly settle baby into the pocket.









For more support, tighten the top rail by grabing only it and pulling up, out, and down.








Be sure to pull the pocket of the fabric to the crease of baby's knees to insure a more comfortable fit.








From the belly to belly position you can slide baby to your hip, or toddler to your back.