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What is GigaSmilies?

GigaSmilies is a Free Smilies Application that lets you to use Smilies on any Bulletin Boards (Forums).

How to use GigaSmilies?

GigaSmilies is very simple to use. Just Click on the smiley you want to add in the forum. The Smiley URL along with the [IMG] Code will be copied to clipboard automatically. Then you can simply paste it in the forum to insert the smiley!


GigaSmilies v1.1 - Yahoo Edition

Description: This version contains Yahoo! Messenger Smilies.

Whats new in v1.1 ?

GigaSmilies v1.1 has a new feature called "Tray Mode". You can select the smiley without opening the main window!. And you can also switch between Tray Mode and Full Mode Easy.

The Smilies are categorized and can be accessed by just right-clicking on the GigaSmilies icon in the tray. Just browse through the menus and click on the one you want to insert and the BB code automatically gets copied and you can simply paste in the forum to use it!.

And one Non-Yahoo smiley is now replaced with two new yahoo smilies.

Note: You can't use "Tray Mode" and "Full Mode" Simultaneously!

Screen Shots:

Screen Shot 1| Screen Shot 2 | Screen Shot 3 | Screen Shot 4 | Screen Shot 5

System Requirements:

Download GigaSmilies

Size: 321 KB

Creative Commons License
GigaSmilies by Santhosh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

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