Exploring the World Through Gigapans

Zoom in Images for Families
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Here is a gigapan of Studiox in Maplewood:

Program for Art Museums, Science Museums, Universities, Public and Private Schools, Scouts, Home Schoolers
and Artist Associations, Libraries and Churches

I also use this technology for various events and companies.

See how this new technology enables peoples of the nations of the world to share their place and culture with one and all and help us better understand and appreciate each other.  Have your group photo taken by the gigapan photographic robot while you hold up a picture of your heritage.

by Karl M. Kindt III
Instructor at Webster University and Southwestern Illinois College
Presenter at the Gigapan Conference at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh
314 308 7075

Here is a gigapan I created at the St. Charles Katheryn Linneman Library on June 8, 2011

This is a special program for schools and librarians designed to help persons of all ages zoom in upon the world, cultures, objects and historic places through huge zoomable detailed images called gigapans.  The workshop includes a demonstration of a robot that takes pictures of this kind with a digital camera mounted upon its head.  The participants watch the robot create a gigapan then use their own cell phone cameras or digital cameras to create their own gigapans.   People all over the world are creating these images to share their culture, their history, their place on the planet and their favorite things.

See: www.gigapan.org for examples of these amazing images and zoom in upon reality like you have never done before.