Aloha from the people of the State of Hawaii! 

The State of Hawaii is excited to submit this application to the Google Fiber for Communities Request for Information.  This application is on behalf of the State of Hawaii and also in support of the State’s four Counties and the many individuals, groups and businesses eager to contribute to this breakthrough effort. 

At the outset, we unequivocally state that Hawaii provides Google with a unique platform for high-speed broadband deployment at speed and at scale thereby accelerating the demonstration of tangible broadband benefits to all levels of society and resulting in a compelling model of broadband deployment for other communities and regions.

The ultimate achievement of the deployment of Google Fiber for Communities in Hawaii will be the fundamental transformation of how governments, communities and private businesses deploy and apply ultra-high-speed broadband and capture the resulting benefits. 

The State of Hawaii possesses all the characteristics that Google is seeking in a test site for its deployment of an ultra-high speed broadband network.  A streamlined State and County partnership committed to facilitating a rapid deployment of the network, targeted communities that have successfully served as trial communities for previous telecom/media projects, a varied physical and cultural landscape to work in, and significant local efforts to develop broadband applications that would be enhanced by Google’s efforts to deploy an ultra-high speed broadband network in Hawaii.

For a printable version of the website content, please see the Hawaii Statement of Interest in the Supporting Files.