On the Level video created by Michael Rutter (Rutter, 2009)

Does perfectionism help you or hinder you?

Bean Maxwell simply wants to hang a picture and he wants to ensure that it hangs level.  He loses sight of the goal when his stalwart dedication to the smallest detail overrides everything else.  Perfectionism should be thought of as existing on a continuum that ranges from healthy to unhealthy. It can be beneficial or detrimental depending on how it affects your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

As a group, gifted students are perfectionists (Schuler, 2002).

The purpose of this website is to provide essential information on the topic of giftedness and perfectionism. This information will be beneficial to students, parents, and teachers. Through the tabs above, visitors will gather information to be able to define perfectionism, identify ways to assess whether demonstrated behaviors and thinking are characterized as healthy or unhealthy perfectionism, verbalize both positive and negative effects of perfectionism, and recognize ways to support perfectionists.  

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