Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown

Rotary Team @ Saraf Hospital in Aug. 2010
From right to left: Rtn. GeorgeKutty Kariyanappilly (President, Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown), Rtn. Dr. Prasanth Pillai (Chief Co-ordinator of the Gifting Smiles Project), Rtn. Rajiv R. (Community Service Co-ordinator), Dr. Maya Binu (Dental Surgeon, Saraf Dental OP), Mrs....., Rtn. Meena Sunil Mathew (member of the InnerWheel, Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown)
Confirmation letter of participation of Rotary Club in the GIfting Smiles Project  (see attachment below)
Dr Prasanth Pillai,
Jul 3, 2009, 7:08 PM