Project of DEC-Saraf Hospital in association with the Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown

        Faces are the most visible portions of human identities. They’re how we think of ourselves, how others recognize us. Facial harmony and beauty play a very vital role in the emotional well being of mankind. Facial appearance plays a vital role in human social relationships and affects the level of self-confidence and enthusiasm in individuals. However, not all people are blessed with a beautiful face or a smile and these unfortunate people find their appearance a barrier in communicating whole-heartedly. Many of them have inferiority complexes.
       There are thousands of people afflicted by dental and facial deformities in our own state, most of them belonging to the economically backward classes, who are unable to get proper treatment done, due to their financial constraints. Saraf Hospital has formulated a plan to help the few who have been afflicted by such problems. Though the possibility of altering one’s face and thus one’s identity so radically – a science fiction plot device made real – may seem an impossible proposition beyond the wildest of imagination, with the advancements made in medical and dental science, it has become a reality today.
The slogan of the Gifting Smiles Project is :
A project to add life to years of unfortunate few…
To allow them to live with dignity and confidence…
      The DEC has already conducted and will be conducting various continuing education programs for doctors to enable them to keep themselves updated with the latest in facial plastic, reconstructive and maxillofacial treatment. The proceedings from such workshops will go towards the dental and facial deformity correction treatment of the socio-economically backward patients. 

      This DEC project along with the Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown, was initiated by Dr. Sekhar Warrier, the President of Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown, during the Rotary year 2009-2010
The team of doctors involved in the project include: 
1. Prof. Dr. Varghese Mani - Maxillofacial Surgeon
2. Dr. Prasanth Pillai - Maxillofacial Surgeon
3. Dr. Prasanth Panicker - Maxillofacial Surgeon
4. Dr. Jose Tharayil - Plastic Surgeon
5. Dr. Anil Kumar Saraf - ENT Surgeon
6. Dr. Narayan Naik - Anesthesiologist
7. Dr. Varghese Mathew - Dermatologist
8. Dr. Anand V. - Orthodontist
9. Dr. Sanu Tom - Orthodontist
10. Dr. Rupesh P.L. - Prosthodontist
11. Dr. Madhu H. - Endodontist
12. Dr. Pradeep U. - Endodontist
13. Dr. Sibi Chennankara - Periodontist
14. Dr. Anjana G. - Pedodontist
15. Dr. Sreeja Prasanth - Dental Surgeon
16. Dr. Maya Binu - Dental Surgeon
17. Dr. Midhun Madhavan - Dental Surgeon
The Rotarians who are in charge of the project are:
1. Rtn. Dr. Sekhar Warrier - President, Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown
2. Rtn. Mr. Kumar - Secretary, Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown
3. Rtn. George Kutty K. - President Elect, Rotary Club of Cochin Midtown
4. Rtn. Dr. Sunil Mathew
5. Rtn. Dr. Rupesh P.L.
6. Rtn. Dr. Radhika Warrier
7. Rtn. Mrs. Meena Mathew
8. Rtn. Mrs. Meera Kumar
9. Rtn. Rajiv R.
10. Rtn. Sona Sreeprasad
11. Rtn. James Kalassery
12. Rtn. Viju Abraham
Several drug companies have come forward and are willing to assist by providing free medicines. Several diagnostic laboratories have come forward and are willing to provide their services at a nominal cost. 
           Dr. K.S. Prasanth Pillai
       Secretary cum Treasurer, DEC