Post-Labor-Day Post

Post date: Sep 5, 2017 10:52:43 AM

We've noticed a few things since returning from our Labor Day getaway: 1) the proportion of overripe berries is much higher, and 2) we have developed a major mudhole in the drive next to the first parking area. Although we would like to remove the overripe crop to make picking more efficient, that is really impractical for our operation. Please make sure you explore and pick the berries with the best quality for your tastes. It is probably time to discourage those traveling from far away, unless they are looking forward to a roadtrip (supposed to rain through Thursday this week). We will post when the late-ripening variety turns blue, end of Sept. or early Oct. or if we get a frost that wipes them out, so that you can forgo monitoring. As for the mudhole, if it warms up, we are going to host a mud wrestling event. In the mean time, please enter and exit through the drive that leads to our garage. Watch for the signs. You can pull up to the berry building from the main road to weigh. Please watch the signs and drive extra slow and cautious. thanks.