Picking Rates Slowed by Over Ripe Berries

Post date: Aug 18, 2016 11:16:15 AM

The situation that is slowing picking now is an unusual one for us. We are not sure what is causing it, but the overripe berries are getting in the way of finding ripe ones. There are still a lot of berries to get ripe, which is frustrating. In most years the ripening is frustratingly slow. Those trying to fill multiple pails are frustrated, but those who are more "recreational pickers" are finding plenty and have more time to work around the patch and find bushes with firmer berries, which are ones that have come into ripeness since the weekend. Supposed to rain this Friday and Saturday, so hopefully some of that will be hard enough and accompanied by wind to knock off the overripe. We have lots more to get ripe, so I do not think you should be in a hurry to get out here. Let's see how things shake out over the weekend. You are still welcome to come any day. Just recognize the situation.