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Field picture from the 2012 Banner Year


posted Oct 9, 2017, 4:18 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

We will see you again in mid August 2018


posted Oct 2, 2017, 5:08 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

Closing at dusk on Sunday, October 8th, 2017. We are open daylight hours every day until then. The only bushes producing good berries are the 4-6 rows adjacent to the llama pasture in the middle patch (rows run east-west, adjacent to the solar panel).  

Hot & Humid, picking and pickers are slow

posted Sep 24, 2017, 3:05 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

Hot and HUMID here today. The late-ripening varieties are the best ones left. Still some unripe, still ripe ones to pick. Walk in on the apple-orchard end and then turn up the first row along the electric fence for the llamas. You might find berries on other rows and different parts of the patch, but they are now not as good, as the skins are getting tough and they are losing flavor. Two weeks left before we close for the season at dusk on Sunday, October 8th.

Approaching the last hoorah but without much fanfare.

posted Sep 16, 2017, 1:14 PM by Lynn Gierke

The northernmost 6 rows in the middle patch (the rows north of the solar panels, are about 40% ripe with excellent blueberries. I just picked (and ate) a lot while cruising the rows on my way to latrine duty. Still a mixture of under ripe, over ripe and perfectly ripe. These bushes are the easiest to pick because they are not as unruly as the other varieties. The "back" patch (latrine side of the parking area are mostly over ripe. Still ok, skins a little tough, but fine for making wine or jelly. There are some bushes in that back patch furthest from the latrine that have late-ripening berries (green and purple on the same bush). Very wet out here. Lots of geese and cranes flying over from field to field. The geese are flight geese from more northern areas, passing through. It is goose-hunting season, so you will hear some shooting in neighboring fields in the early mornings, sometimes in the evenings. Still anticipate closing at dusk on Sunday October 8th.

End of picking is near

posted Sep 11, 2017, 3:06 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

Picking is slow. Yesterday's picking log listed small quantities of berries. Amounts that were mostly half buckets and less. We are now entering our very slow phase as these rows of late-ripening berries (3-4 rows adjacent to the large pasture, north of the solar panels). The late ripening berries often are not ready until the first week of October, and sometimes they get hit by frost/freeze before they ripen. We have experienced ground frost about 3 times in the last 10 days, so I am pessimistic about our prospects for those berries. We will post when they are ripe or frozen. We will remain open for now, but we are taking down the road signs to avoid first-time drop ins. Monitor this report for the must up to date conditions. We are anticipating closing for the season at dusk on Sunday, October 8th. An earlier closure will occur if we experience a freeze. If you are in need of only a half bucket, you can readily find that amount in an hour's time in the interim.

Post-Labor-Day Post

posted Sep 5, 2017, 3:52 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

We've noticed a few things since returning from our Labor Day getaway: 1) the proportion of overripe berries is much higher, and 2) we have developed a major mudhole in the drive next to the first parking area. Although we would like to remove the overripe crop to make picking more efficient, that is really impractical for our operation. Please make sure you explore and pick the berries with the best quality for your tastes. It is probably time to discourage those traveling from far away, unless they are looking forward to a roadtrip (supposed to rain through Thursday this week). We will post when the late-ripening variety turns blue, end of Sept. or early Oct. or if we get a frost that wipes them out, so that you can forgo monitoring. As for the mudhole, if it warms up, we are going to host a mud wrestling event. In the mean time, please enter and exit through the drive that leads to our garage. Watch for the signs. You can pull up to the berry building from the main road to weigh. Please watch the signs and drive extra slow and cautious. thanks.

Three weeks in the books

posted Aug 29, 2017, 6:34 PM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

The picking is definitely a little slower, but it is still pretty good. Not because the crop is extraordinarily abundant but rather that the picking pressure has been modest and diminishing. I am pretty confident that you will be satisfied if you come out to pick, especially if you have not been out yet this year. Mornings and evenings are especially nice, although both periods are wetter and sometimes buggier. We are going to be away for Labor Day but will have a house sitter. Nevertheless, strive to be independent by bringing your own containers and the ability to pay without need for change. You are always welcome to pay later. We really don't care when you pay.

Conditions after 2 weeks of picking: fair to good

posted Aug 26, 2017, 4:39 AM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

As we approach the 3rd weekend of picking, we are seeing about 400 lbs per day registered at the weighing station. Many pickers report filling a 5-lb pail in about an hour, which is a very good picking rate. Others are not quite as fast but still satisfied with their harvest rates. Naturally, the patch is appearing to get increasingly picked over.  There are still berries to get ripe and there are now berries that are over ripe, and berries at the perfect state of ripeness mixed in with those. We are going to ride this out until done. No pauses. Feel free to come out any time after checking the updated picking reports, either here or on FB or our answering machine. We will update as conditions change.

Coasting for awhile

posted Aug 20, 2017, 5:01 PM by Gierke Blueberry Farm

Other than the rainy day this past Thursday, the daily harvest has been 600-700 lbs every day. At this pace, the rate of ripening is fast enough to handle the modest crowds we have experienced this year. Open every day, during daylight (and during an eclipse) for the foreseeable future. The picking is going to be good to very good. Typically you can expect to fill an ice cream pail in about an hour. You need to do some scouting and you might need to lift some branches and get into the bushes a little more than those who have picked thus far. Berry quality has been excellent so far, but as the season progresses, there will increasingly be some overripe berries.

Picking is still very good.

posted Aug 19, 2017, 3:12 PM by Lynn Gierke

Although a steady crowd today, there remain ripe berries throughout the patches. One still needs to hunt and peck to find bushes with "pickable" proportions of ripe berries. Rest assured they are out there. Still seeing full buckets in an hour or a little more. Conditions and berry quality are very nice.

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