Family Matters
My Ancestors
The goal of this website is twofold:
  1. To document my family's history, for my children and grand-children as well as my extended family members, so that they will know where their ancestors came from, what their background was and what was their fate. It attempts to present the family history within a broader context of political and social processes. The story may possibly interest more than family members.
  2. To enable, via the internet, links to individuals whose family members may have had connections to the people or events listed here. It has happened already and I hope it happens again. This may shed new light on the story and I plan to update it as new data arrives.
The story is based on official documents, pictures and family stories, found in private and public archives. It also includes current pictures of places linked to my family's life. In order to see the pictures and documents please click on the green colored words within the text.
The family history currently spans over 150 years - from the early 19th century until the end of World War II. The plan is to write a similar story on my father's family, to translate that website into Hebrerw and to move beyond 1945 and document the more recent history. 
1. My Mother's Family
The Lewin and Gottfeld Family History