Gideon S. Mann 



Biographical Sketch

  • Head of Data Science, Bloomberg L.P. 2017 - 
  • Research Scientist, Google NYC, 2007 - 2014.
  • Post-doc at University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2005-2007.
  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2006.
  • Sc.B., Brown University,  1999. 
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Publications: Google Scholar

  • "Improving Grey-Box Fuzzing by Modeling Program Behavior" Siddharth Karamcheti, Gideon Mann, David Rosenberg, arxiv, 2018. [pdf]
  • "Adaptive Grey-box Fuzz-Testing with Thompson Sampling" Siddharth Karamcheti, Gideon Mann, David Rosenberg, AI Security 2018, [pdf] 
  • "Predicting Good Twitter Conversations", Zach Wood-Doughty, Anju Kambadur, Gideon Mann. W-NUT 2018 (poster).
  • "Trends in the Adoption of Corporate Child Labor Policies: An Analysis with Bloomberg Terminal ESG Data.Vedran Sekara, Alex Rutherford, Gideon Mann, Mark Dredze, Natalia Adler, Manuel Garcia-Herranz Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange2018. [PDF]
  • "Hiring algorithms are not neutral" Gideon Mann, Cathy O'Neill (Harvard Business Review)
  • "It's Time To Recognize Machines are Learning all the wrong things" (Fast Company)
  • "Twitter as a Source of Global Mobility Patterns for Social Good", Mark Dredze, Manuel Garcia-Herranz, Alex Rutherford, Gideon Mann , ICML Machine Learning in Social Good Applications (arxiv)
  • "How Twitter is Changing the Nature of Financial News Discovery", Mark Dredze, Prabhanjan Kambadur, Gary Kazantsev, Gideon Mann, Miles Osborne.  SIGMOD Workshop on Data Science for Macro-Modeling with Financial and Economic Datasets. (pdf)
  • "Differential Profiling for Asynchronous Distributed Systems", Gideon Mann, Krzysztof Ostrowski, Mark Sandler. Tech Report.
  • "Efficient Transfer Learning Method for Automatic Hyperparameter Tuning", Dani Yogatama, Gideon Mann. AISTATS. [pdf]
  • "Restricted Transfer Learning for Text Categorization", Rajhans Samdani, Gideon Mann. NIPS Workshop. [pdf]
  • "Diagnosing Latency in Multi-Tier Black-Box Systems", Krzystof Ostrowski, Gideon Mann, Mark Sandler. LADIS. [pdf]
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  • "Simple, Robust, Scalable Semi-supervised Learning via Expectation Regularization". Gideon S. Mann, Andrew McCallum. ICML. [pdf]
  • "Multi-Document Relationship Fusion via Constraints on Probabilistic Databases". Gideon S. Mann.  HLT/NAACL. [pdf]
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  • "Bibliometric Impact Measures Leveraging Topic Analysis".Gideon S. Mann, David Mimno, Andrew McCallum.  JCDL. [pdf
  • "Multi-Document Statistical Fact Extraction and Fusion". Gideon S. Mann,  Ph.D. Thesis.  [pdf]
  • "Cascaded Information Synthesis for Timeline Construction". Gideon S. Mann, Technical Report, University of Massachusetts IR-501. [pdf]
  • "Reverse-Engineering Question/Answer Collections from Ordinary Text". Ellen Riloff, Gideon S. Mann, Bill Philips,  in "Advances in Open-Domain Question Answering", Tomek Strzalkowski and Sanda Harabagiu, editors.
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  • "Unsupervised Personal Name Disambiguation". Gideon S. Mann, David Yarowsky, CoNLL. [pdf]
  • "Bootstrapping toponym classifiers".  David A. Smith, Gideon S. Mann,  Workshop on geographic name disambiguation. [pdf]
  • "Learning How to Answer Questions using Trivia Games". Gideon S. Mann,  COLING. [pdf]
  • "Fine-Grained Proper Noun Ontologies for Question Answering". Gideon S. Mann . [pdf ]
  • "Analyses for Elucidating Current Question Answering Technology".  Marc Light, Gideon S. Mann, Ellen Riloff, Eric Breck,  Journal of Natural Language Engineering, 7:4 [pdf]
  • "Multipath Translation Lexicon Induction via Bridge Languages".  Gideon S. Mann and David Yarowsky  NAACL [pdf]
  • "A Statistical Method for Short Answer Extraction". Gideon S. Mann  Workshop on Open-Domain Question Answering at ACL [pdf]
  • "Looking Under the Hood: Tools for Diagnosing your Question Answering System".  Eric Breck, Marc Light, Gideon S. Mann, Ellen Riloff, Brianne Brown, Pranav Anand, Mats Rooth, Michael Thelen  Workshop on Open-Domain Question Answering at ACL [pdf]
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