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Not So Pho


  • rice noodles
  • cilantro
  • basil
  • scallions
  • homemade chicken broth (recipe tomorrow)
  • bay leaf
  • chicken (from the slow-cooked chicken tomorrow)


  • Make up your rice noodles. As I mentioned yesterday for the Asian stir fry,  I tend to only use 1/2 the box at a time. If you love noodles or are making a larger batch (which most Pho does include a lot of noodles), you'll want to use the whole box. These are a great gluten-free alternative to regular pasta. What I love about the Thai Kitchen Stir-Fry Rice Noodles brand is that they are made with only rice, no other additives. Additionally, they are super easy to make. You make them similar to the way I make asparagus many times: just boil water, then place the pan off the burner, add the noodles, cover and let simmer for 8-10 minutes. Finally, rice noodles are cheap! (I know there are a lot of people out there who want to judge rice because of the so-called lack thereof nutrients, but everyone walks in their own shoes. Sometimes being gluten free means we can't always have the perfect foods, in perfect combinations and at perfect times.) THAT'S OKAY!
  • Place your broth in a large pan, keeping it steadily warm and making sure to drop a bay leaf or two in.
  • Once the noodles are done, add them to the broth.
  • Add your chicken to the broth.
  • Cook until it's heated to your liking.
  • Once finished, garnish with the basil, cilantro and scallions. (Side note: You also need lemon, which I forgot and bean sprouts.)