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About Us

What Is the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships?

GICA Student Scholarships (formerly Dollars for Scholars)  is a local, volunteer-run, community-based scholarship foundation based in Iowa City, Iowa. The chapter began awarding scholarships to high school graduates in 2005. Since that time the chapter has awarded over $100,000 to area students.


Why Does Iowa City Need GICA Student Scholarships?

Graduates of Iowa City's four high schools: Iowa City City High, Iowa City West High and the Senior High Alternative Center (Elizabeth Tate) currently have very limited local scholarship opportunities, with the majority of those scholarships going to the highest academically ranked students. GICA Student Scholarships encourages all students to continue their education and will make the transition from high school a little easier by providing aid that would allow students to work less while in school.


Who is the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships chapter?

President                    Corey Phillips
Vice President           Joe McCarragher
Secretary                    Regan Roling
Treasurer                    Patrick Donnelly
Past President           Monte Marti
Board Member           Peter Gardner
Board Member           Josh Busard
Board Member           Ann Burton
Board Member           Terrence Neuzil
Board Member           Justin Parker
Board Member           Peg Kramer
Board Member           Nancy Ross 

Who Should I Contact?

For questions and more information please contact the Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships offices by phone, mail, or e-mail to mstoffregen@iowacityarea.com

Greater Iowa City Area Student Scholarships
c/o CFJC
325 East Washington Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone: 319-337-0483