A repository for information on GR2Analyst and GREarth, focusing on the algorithms used in programs as well as some helpful color tables.  To the best of my knowledge, the articles and scientific papers used as the source material for the algorithms should be cited appropriately.  Said algorithms were implemented into the program by Mike Gibson.  Although I had no part in the original research or the coding of the equations into the software, I was the sole compiler of most of the information found on this site.  The information is based upon the original papers, email conversations with Mike Gibson, and posts on the GR2Analyst/GREarth owners forums.

For questions regarding the original research, please contact the authors of the original research.  For questions about the implementation of the research into the GR software, please contact Mike Gibson.  For questions about how that information was compile and organized, or general questions about this site, please contact me.


Mike Gibson
Programer, Founder of Gibson Ridge Software and creator of the programs

W. Scott Lincoln, GISP
Senior Hydrologist/Cartographer, NOAA NWS
Site author

Henry Luker
Site contributor