Greg Gibson's Lab 

University of Queensland 


My group is studying the proposition that "the clash between genes and modern life is making us sick". Respiratory disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety are the runaway maladies of our time, so we're taking a genomic epidemiology approach to investigate why.  Do complex human diseases and traits that are heavily influenced by the transition from nomadic and rural human lifestyles to modern urbanity and suburbanity, have signatures in gene expression profiles? 


Gibson, G.  (2008)  It Takes a Genome: How a genetic culture clash with modernity is making us sick. Pearson/Zôon, New York NY.  Published January 16th, 2009.                                     

Gibson, G. (2009)   Decanalization and the origin of complex disease.   Nature Review Genetics.  February 2009 publication.  PDF copy available soon.