Giant Village Ticket Refund Debacle

Hello everyone!!

I have been in touch with a few attorneys to discuss the unfortunate situation many of us are in right now due the way Dave Dean and his corporation have been handling ticket refunds for the cancelled Giant Village New Year's Eve event.

If you HAVE NOT received a refund for your tickets, we would like to hear from you.

Please read the questions below, and then please copy the questions below into an email (with your answers below them) and send to :

1. How many tickets did you purchase for Giant's CANCELLED NYE "Giant Village '05-'06" event?
2. Did you purchase regular or VIP tickets?
3. Where did you purchase your tickets?
4. What date did you mail back your tickets to Giant? How long have you been waiting for a response/refund?
5. Have you emailed their email address to follow up on your request? If so, how many times? And did you receive a response to any of your follow up emails.
6. Please include any other information specific to your situation here.

Please copy and send this message to your friends that are in the same situation as you, and please feel free to post this message on other message boards, blogs, MySpace bulletins accounts etc. that might help spread the word, as we are looking for a strong response in order to pursue further action.

We know there are lots of folks that purchased tickets and HAVE NOT received a refund, and we want to hear your story.

Please email if you have further questions as well.

Thank you,
Giant Village Complaints