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The world is now going through a period of mass extinction as species are being threatened by loss of habitat, human hunting, climate change and many other human-related factors.  The next generation will, if things continue as they are, see a world where the range of species is much diminished. 

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, is a world apart.  Due to its isolation from the mainland of Africa it has developed many species that are unique to the island, more than 80% of its rich and diverse flora and fauna are unique to the island. 

One creature that lived in Madagascar until the relatively recent past (it is thought it became extinct in the mid 17th Century) was the so called Elephant Bird or Vouron Patra.  This huge creature was the heaviest bird ever to have existed and laid the largest eggs known to science.  With a length of up to 37 cm they were about one and half times the size of the largest dinosaur eggs.  It is the egg of the now extinct Elephant Bird that forms the basis of this event
of which the aim is to raise awareness for the diversity of life on our planet and to support one of the poorest countries in the world in its efforts to safeguard its unique natural habitats for all of us now as well as for our children .

Decorating eggs is an activity that takes place around the world and the egg itself is an obvious and enduring symbol of creativity and potentiality.  The idea of this event is to bring together the themes of "creativity" and "conservation" by decorating replica eggs of the same size as those of the now extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar. 
The Giant Egg event will be focused on an exhibition of giant eggs at the Masoala Rainforest Hall, Zoo Zurich on the17th and 18th October 2009.  The giant eggs will be decorated by artists of all ages, including school children from around the world.  The eggs to be decorated will be the same size as those of the now extinct Elephant Bird of Madagascar.  The eggs will be decorated based on the theme of 'biodiversity and nature's beauty'.  It is hoped that as many as 100 decorated eggs will be exhibited at the Zoo during the course of the three days.  In addition there will be workshops in the Masoala Hall for children to decorate giant eggs.

The eggs are made by volunteers out of plaster and are 37 cm high.  Anyone interested in participating or helping with this event can go to Participate and let us know what you are thinking.  Please contact me if you would like to become a patron of the event.  This could mean either financial or moral support and of course both.

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