Jui-Hong Chien


  • Post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience, 2013-2016
        Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD, USA

  • Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, 2006-2011
        University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

        Dissertation title: EEG Analysis of Brain Dynamical Behavior with Applications in Epilepsy
  • B.S. in civil engineering, 2000-2003

        National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan




  • Research study coordinator & post-doctoral fellow, Department of neruosurgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2012-2016
        Developed fear conditioning paradigm incorporating the recording system. 

     Submitted and maintained several deep brain stimulation studies in the functional                     neurosurgery laboratory.

     Assisted more than 100 stereotactic surgeries for implanting deep brain stimulation system         in patients with dystonia, essential tremor, and Parkinson's disease.

Developed computer-user interface for EEG review and epileptic event identification.

Reviewed and analyzed epileptic EEG data from more than 100 subjects.

Assisted seizure prediction and epileptic patient classification research.

  • Intern researcher, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Florida, 2007
Used ceria nanoparticles as a free radical scavenger in fibroblast cell. (With Dr. Ioannis Constantinidis)


  • Intern Researcher, Neurology Department, Veterans Affairs Hospital, Gainesville, FL, 2007
Analyzed seventeen Parkinson’s disease patient’s gait data to find out prediction parameters corresponding to the severity of disease and cognitive deficiency. (With Dr. Frank Skidmore and Dr. Panos Pardalos)




  • “Classification of patterns of EEG synchronization for seizure prediction” at International Conference on System Analysis Tools for Better Health Care Delivery: A New Engineering/ Health Care Partnership. Gainesville, FL, 2010

  • "Brain network analysis in epileptic EEG: Psychogenic non-epileptic seizure and complex partial seizure patients classification " at 1st International Conference on Network Analysis. Gainesville, FL, 2011



  • J. J. Halford, JH. Chien, DS. Shiau, P. G. Georgiev, J. Zhang, P. M. Pardalos, J. C. Sackellares, “State Transitions in Brain Network of Neocortical Epilepsy” at American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. Baltimore, MD, 2010




  • I-Cube awards for interdisciplinary research plan, University of Florida, 2010




Mathematics: Frequency analysis, Multiple variables analysis, Machine learning.

Operating System: Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, OpenSuse.

Computer Language: FORTRAN.

Scientific Application: MATLAB/Simulink. Psychtoolbox.

Office Application: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, AutoCAD.



Frederick A. Lenz, M.D., Ph.D.

Earl Walker Professor

Department of Neurosurgery

The Johns Hopkins University

600 N. Wolfe Street / Meyer 8-181

Baltimore, MD 21287

(410) 955-2257

William S. Anderson, Ph.D., M.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Neurosurgery

The Johns Hopkins University

600 N. Wolfe Street / Meyer 8-181

Baltimore, MD 21287

(443) 287-1609


Panos Pardalos, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida

303 Weil Hall

Gainesville, FL 32611-6595

(352) 392-9011

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