Gianni De Fraja

Professor of Economics

University of Nottingham

Professor of Public Economics (part-time)

Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”

Research Fellow


Editorial Board member

— Southern Economic Journal

Economics of Education Review


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NEW Book (in Italian).

Recent Discussion Papers:

Have you read this? An empirical comparison of the British REF peer review and the Italian VQR bibliometric algorithm

Optimal Healthcare Contracts: Empirical Evidence from Italy

How Hard Is It to Maximise Profit? Evidence from a 19th Century Italian State Monopoly.

Publish or Perish: An Analysis of the Academic Job Market in Italy.

Professorial Salaries and Research Performance in UK Universities

The Wounds That Do Not Heal.The Life-time Scar of Youth Unemployment.

New Paper:

Selections from Ranked Sets.

Recent Published Papers:

A Theoretical Analysis of Public Funding for Research.

The Desegregating Effect of School Tracking; with Francisco Martínez-Mora.

Exclusive Nightclubs and Lonely Hearts Columns: Non-monotone Participation in Optional Intermediation; with József Sákovics. (Appendix)

The Design of the University System; with Paola Valbonesi.

The Demand for Tobacco in Post-Unification Italy; with Carlo Ciccarelli.

Old PAPER in the old NEWS:

BBC, here, herehere, and lots of other places, including the Nuneaton news.

Reading the paper, one sees that the word "pushy" appears nowhere.

Must try harder. Evaluating the role of effort on examination result, Review of Economics and Statistics92, 2010, pp. 577–597; with Tania Oliveira and Luisa Zanchi. (on the left, us finally opening the champagne)