I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Business at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) and IPEG, and a Research Affiliate at CEPR and BREAD. I work on development, organizational and political economics. I am also an Associate Editor at the Economic Journal.

I co-organize a biweekly Virtual Development Seminar (VDEV-CEPR-BREAD) with Robin Burgess, Martina Björkman Nyqvist, Giacomo De Giorgi, Eliana La Ferrara and Karen Macours. You can see the schedule and videos of past seminars here.

My GoogleScholar profile can be found here and my CV here.

Recent Highlights

New working paper! (Jun. '22) "Policy-Making, Trust and the Demand for Public Services: Evidence from a Nationwide Family Planning Program" (with Dijana Zejcirovic and Fernando Fernandez)

New working paper! (May. '22) "The Allocation of Incentives in Multi-Layered Organizations" (with Stefano Caria, Erika Deserranno and Philipp Kastrau)

Published paper! (Jan. '22): My paper How Effective Are Monetary Incentives to Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Policy has been published at the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

New editorial position (Oct. '21) I will be joining the editorial board of The Economic Journal as an Associate Editor.

New working paper! (Jul. '21) "Teacher Compensation and Structural Inequality: Evidence from Centralized Teacher School Choice in Peru" (with Matteo Bobba, Tim Ederer, Marco Nieddu and Chris Neilson)

Published paper! (May. '21): My paper Accountability, Political Capture and Selection into Politics: Evidence from Peruvian Municipalities has been published at the Review of Economics and Statistics.

New working paper! (Feb. '21) "Promotions and Productivity: The Role of Meritocracy and Pay Progression in the Public Sector" (with Erika Deserranno and Philipp Kastrau)

Podcast interview! (Feb. '21) I had a great conversation with Jordi Blanes-i-Vidal on The Visible Hand Podcast about my paper Vertical Integration, Supplier Behavior and Quality Upgrading Among Exporters

New working paper! (Jan. '21) "When Transparency Fails: Financial Incentives for Local Banking Agents in Indonesia" (with Erika Deserranno and Firman Witoelar)

Contact info:

Mailing Address:Department of Economics and BusinessUniversitat Pompeu FabraCalle Ramon Trias Fargas 23-25, Barcelona 0805Jaume I Building, 20.2E16E-mail: gianmarco.leon@upf.eduPhone: +34 93 542 1757 Cell phone: +34 603 175 250 Skype: gianmarco.leonTwitter: @Gianmarco_LeonC

Upcoming talks and public appearances:

June 28th: Presentation at the LEAP-Bocconi Conference (Milan)

June 21st: Presentation at NOVAFRICA Conference (Lisbon)

June 13th: Seminar presentation at the PolEconUK virtual seminar

May 24th: Seminar presentation at VDEV-CEPR-BREAD virtual seminar (video of the presentation)

May 2nd: Interview at "Conversaciones con Sebastián Galiani".

April 19th: Seminar presentation at Universidad de la República.

April 13th: Seminar presentation at Bocconi University.

March 18th: Seminar presentation at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

March 10th: Seminar presentation at King's College, London.

January 8th: Conference presentation at the ASSA Annual Meeting