I am an Assistant Professor at the department of Economics and Business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, I am also an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and at IPEG-Barcelona, and a Research Affiliate at CEPR. My current  research  interest is focused  in  three  broad  areas  of  development  and  political 
economics: (i) understanding voter behavior, i.e. turnout decisions and candidate choices, (ii) study of the selection and incentive mechanisms for public sector workers; and (iii) the effects 
of shocks (i.e. civil conflict, pollution) on human capital accumulation
My GoogleScholar profile can be found here.

Recent Highlights

New accepted paper Aug. 2018: My paper Urbanization Patterns, Information Diffusion and Female Voting in Rural Paraguay has been accepted for publication at the American Journal of Political Science.

New Recognition June 2018: My paper Vertical Integration, Supplier Behavior and Quality Upgrading Among Exporters (with Christopher HansmanJonas Hjort, and Matthieu Teachout) has been selected as the winner of the Oliver Williamson Award for Best Paper presented at the Society of Institutional and Organizational Economics’ 2018 annual conference in Montréal (Updated version of the paper is also available from the link above!)

New Working Paper posted: An updated version of my paper "Accountability, Political Capture and Selection into Politics: Evidence from Peruvian Municipalities" is now available!

Forthcoming paper Mar. 2018: My paper Interlinked Firms and the Consequences of Piecemeal Regulation is now forthcoming at the Journal of the European Economic Association

New Affiliation Dec. 2017Research Affiliate CEPR - Development Economics

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