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Short presentation 

Gianina-Ana Massari  

I am a specialist in education sciences and psychology, and my professional interests focus on giftedness studies, educational counseling, and instruction theory and methodology. I have postdoctoral studies (2013, Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch) , Ph.D. in Education Sciences (2005, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania) with a doctoral dissertation on underachievement of gifted adolescents, an M.A. in Public Policies and Local Administration (2001, University of Bucharest, Romania), and graduate certificate in Career Guidance and Counselling (2000, University of Bucharest, Romania) in addition to two B.A. in Educational Sciences (1998, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania) and Psychology (2007, Petre Andrei University of Iasi, Romania).

 I am currently appointed as a senior lecturer at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, and my teaching assignments cover the fields of gifted education, theory and methodology of instruction, educational counselling and educational practicum in Kindergartens and primary schools. Also, I am involved into in-service and pre-service teacher training. My previous experiences in teaching abroad include several invited lectures at University of Salzburg, University College of Education Wien (Austria), Ondokuz Mayis University of Samsun (Turkey), and Kaunas College of Education (Lithuania). 

 As part of my professional responsibilities, I am coordinator of Early Childhood Education Master Program. Also, I was coordinator on the part of Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi the distance learning program for teachers from rural area for preschool and primary school (a governmental program project financed by International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, program developed by Ministry of Education and Research, Bucharest University - Department for Distance Education CREDIS), a Governmental Program for Continuing the University Studies of College Graduates for Kindergarten and Primary School Teachers, and an international program TeCORE: Teaching Competences in Real Environments - a LifeLong Learning Program Erasmus, Intensive Programme, organized by University College of Education Wien (Austria). 

I was an expert team member for setting up the first elementary school of a Romanian University. Also, I contributed as a member of research teams in several national and international research projects financed by European Commission, Romanian National Research Council, and I was director of a research grant for conceiving a psychological instrument regarding motivation of gifted underachievers. 

 My publications include two books (Quality of Social Context and High Ability Development of Gifted Underachievers Adolescents, 2006; Introduction Into School Counselling, 2005), one translation book (Gifted children. Education, emotional development and social adaptation, author: Yolanda Benito Mate, 2003), and four co-authored books (Psychopedagogy for teachers’ exams, 2008; Guide for Project Manager, 2007; Management Marks For Project Strategy, 2005; School Counselling And Career Guidance, 1999 - 2nd ed., 1998 - 1st ed.) , and several articles published in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences proceedings.