I am a research economist at Giovanni Agnelli Foundation (Turin, Italy) and a research fellow at Centro Studi Luca d’Agliano.

My fields of specialization include international economics (Trade, Development, Factor Mobility -- Foreign Direct investment, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Migration, Brain drain), economics of education (equality of opportunities, dynamics of cognitive achievement, assessment of school effectiveness) and program evaluation.

Currently, my research is focused on the economics of education and I am conducting empirical works on:

            • the impact of vocational guidance and counselling on school dropout;
            • the determinants of households’ demand for early childhood education and care;
            • the effectiveness of monetary incentives schemes in boosting school performances;
            • the effect of remoteness on student achievements;
            • the high school effect on college achievements.
I am in charge of the project Eduscopio.it by Giovanni Agnelli Foundation. Eduscopio.it is a tool, the first of its kind, that compares over 4,000 upper secondary schools in Italy on the basis of the university outcomes of over 700,000 high school graduates. In a few clicks prospective upper secondary students can learn what schools in their area of residence provide the best competences to succeed at university.

Contact details:

Gianfranco De Simone
Giovanni Agnelli Foundation
via Nizza 250, 10126 Torino (Italy)
Tel.: +39 011 6500507
e-mail: gianfranco.desimone[at]fga.it