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    Teaching fiscal and monetary policy in open economies


    • With interventions by Alesina and Giavazzi, de Long, Rendahl, Wyplosz, Cottarelli, Buti and Pench, Van Reenen, Neumann, Daveri, Panizza and Presbitero

    • On the crisis of the euro area

    Sovereign risk, macroeconomic instabilityGiancarlo Corsetti, Gernot Müller , 12 August 2011. With sharply rising sovereign risk spreads, few governments can consider their public finances beyond doubt. This column in VOXEU.ORG explores the macroeconomic consequences when sovereign risk is high.
      • The Future of the Euro and the Euro Bond Market: A Proposal, joint with Hashem Pesaran, voxeu
      • A Wharton-EUI e-book: Life in the eurozone: with or without default?, a Wharton-EUI e-book, edited together with Franklin Allen and Elena Carletti, under the auspices of the Pierre Werner Chair Programme for Monetary Union at the European University Institute, and part of the project ‘Politics, Economics and Global Governance: The European Dimensions’ (PEGGED) funded by the European Commission under its Seventh Framework Programme for Research (Collaborative Project), 2011

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