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Articles and Book Chapters

Giacomo Chiozza. 2016. "Presidents on the Cycle: Elections, Audience Costs and Coercive Diplomacy." Conflict Management and Peace Science. Accepted for publication.
Online appendix available here.
Replication data available

Giacomo Chiozza. 2015. "Does U.S. Standing Have Consequences for U.S. Security? Evidence from Popular Support for Suicide Bombing." Korean Journal of International Studies. Accepted for publication.

Giacomo Chiozza. 2015. Domestic Politics and International Conflict. In Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, general editors, Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn; contributing editor for political science, Kenneth A. Schultz, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Carol Atkinson and Giacomo Chiozza. 2012. Leadership and Commitment: the United States, its Allies, and Emerging Security Institutions in Northeast Asia. In Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Architecture and Beyond, eds. T. J. Pempel and Chung-Min Lee. New York: Routledge.

Giacomo Chiozza and Ajin Choi. 2012. “Going the American Way: The Surprising Case of Korean Pro-Americanism.” Pacific Review 25(2): 269-292.

Giacomo Chiozza. 2009. “A Crisis Like No Other? Anti-Americanism at the Time of the Iraq War.” European Journal of International Relations 15(2): 257–289.

Naazneen Barma, Giacomo Chiozza, Ely Ratner, and Steven Weber. 2009. “A World Without the West? Empirical Patterns and Theoretical Implications.” Chinese Journal of International Politics 2(4): 525–544.

H.E. Goemans, Kristian S. Gleditsch and Giacomo Chiozza. 2009. “Introducing Archigos: A Data Set of Political Leaders.” Journal of Peace Research 45(2): 237–251.

Giacomo Chiozza. 2007. Disaggregating Anti-Americanism: An Analysis of Individual Attitudes towards the United States. In Anti-Americanisms in World Politics, eds. Peter J. Katzenstein and Robert O. Keohane. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Giacomo Chiozza and H.E. Goemans. 2004. “Avoiding Diversionary Targets.” Journal of Peace Research 41(4): 423–443.
Replication data available here.

Giacomo Chiozza and H.E. Goemans. 2004. “International Conflict and the Tenure of Leaders: Is War Still Ex Post Inefficient.” American Journal of Political Science 48(3): 604–619.
Replication data available here.

Giacomo Chiozza and H.E. Goemans. 2003. “Peace through Insecurity: Tenure and International Conflict.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 47(4): 443–467.
Replication data available here.
R functions to estimate two-stage probit models with clustered standard errors available here.

Giacomo Chiozza and Ajin Choi. 2003. “Guess Who Did What: Political Leaders and the Management of Territorial Disputes, 1950-1990.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 47(3): 251–278.
Replication data available here.

Giacomo Chiozza. 2002. “Is There a Clash of Civilizations? Evidence from Patterns of International Conflict Involvement, 1946-97.” Journal of Peace Research 39(6): 711–734.
Reprinted in War, vol. 3, ed. Paul F. Diehl. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Replication data available here.
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