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Information about the open-source TV80 core, a Z80-compatable microprocessor 

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The TV80 is a Verilog implementation of a microprocessor that approximately matches the cycle-to-cycle behavior of the Zilog Z80.  The Z80 was used in many embedded designs in the 80s and 90s, and the TV80 is targetted at designers updating those embedded systems into today's highly-integrated ASICs and large FPGAs.

The design was originally created by Daniel Wallner and was written in VHDL.  I ported the design from VHDL to Verilog in 2003, and implemented the design on an ASIC as a maintenence processor (closed timing at 250Mhz, making it possibly one of the fastest 8-bit processors ever made).  In 2004 I released the ported Verilog code as the TV80 core, and subsequently made some improvements in terms of speed, and incorporated bug fixes from the community.

The core is presently hosted at (link to project).  The primary documentation and reference for the core is the original Z80 User's Manual.