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Not quite sure what to put here.  I already have a blog, so I don't really need a place to put scribbles on the web.  The only stuff I have available that isn't around somewhere else are my videos.

Here is my dirt bike video.  The other three videos I have up now are from my stint in film school at DeAnza.  The first, Parking Lot Duel, was a shooting exercise we did early on.  The assignment was simply to go through the mechanics of coming up with a shot list, setting up the shots, and doing the filming, but I later took the footage and edited it together.  A little soundtrack makes everything go better.

The second short, Car Alarm, was our first assignment to create a beginning-to-end short film, including script, storyboard, filming, and editing.  My final project was a film called "The Ride", where, supposedly, I took everything I learned from the class and put it together.

What did I learn?   Even with a modern, all-digital flow, putting together a few minutes of quality film footage is tough work.