March 2017

Important Dates

 March 16-18 Musical - The Wizard of Oz
 March 27-31 Spring Break - No School
 April 11 SAT (11th) and PSAT (10th) testing
 No school for 9th or 12th
 April 29 Prom

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A Reminder Regarding Student Attendance
Single period absences during the school day will not be excused without verifiable documentation (i.e. a doctor’s note). Any student leaving school early during the school day due to illness must check out in the clinic in order for the absence to be excused.

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From the Principal
To keep up with the latest from Principal Conroy, you can visit his Principal Blog, part of the department and teacher websites on the GHS website, that he updates on a regular basis.

After Prom 2017
Thank you for Fundraiser Support
Chili Winners
AmazonSmile & King Soopers Cards
Hospitality – St. Patrick’s Day Goodies 
Demon Spirit
PTA Membership
PTA Meetings
PTA Open Positions

School Musical
Demon Strength Club
Miss Screenagers?
Athletics Info
GHS Clubs

GHS Basketball teams
Scholastic Art Awards
Applause Award Winners
Forensics Awards
Honor Roll – Fall 2016

Job Fair for Teens
College and Career Fair
Military Career Exploration
Power Lunch
Info for AP Students
Mat SAT Study Group
DMNS Scholar Internship Program
FBI Academy
Lunch and Learns
American Legion Opportunities
Need to Boost Grades?
Jeffco Schools App

Linking Lookout
Downtown Golden Parking
Crime Victims’ Rights Week
Webinar on Native Plants
JCOS Trail Stewardship Team
Rabies Confirmed in Skunk
Drug Take-Back Day

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School Calendar

Message from BOE President
Message from Acting Superintendent
Superintendent Search Update
Snow Closures
Got MAP Data?
BOE Meetings

About the Newsletter
This Golden High School PTA brings you this electronic newsletter to provide another place for parents and students of Golden High School to get important information. We will strive to make this a consistent source of information about the school and the Golden community. Click the links above, just under the header photo, to browse the different areas of the newsletter and find the information that is most important to you and your student.

If you have information or a story idea for the newsletter, please contact the newsletter editor directly. Send any information, notes and photos you have of the event to be included. Thank you!

Show Your Demon Spirit!
Each GHS student and staff member has received this sticker, compliments of your GHS PTA! A former GHS student in Tim Miller’s art class created the artwork. She initially created it for a corn hole toss game, one of several that GHS students created, for use at After Prom. The games have been kept to use in future years at After Prom.

They are great for cars, water bottles, notebooks, etc. Show your DEMON spirit!