Begin packing now--it will save you time, energy and stress if you gradually add things as you can (You may not need your swim suit prior to our trip, so put it in your suitcase). You will be less likely to forget items later too! 


Mark your bags inside and out with your name, US address and phone number in case it gets lost/the travel tag is lost.

You will receive 2 L&F tags that must be on your bags.

Do not take valuables with sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable.

Checking a second bag on the return flight will cost you a fee--about $55 in the past, so avoid it! Try finding a suitcase with an extender pouch or planning to throw away items to make room (for example: I will probably take an older beach towel that I won't need to make room for in my luggage on the way home). .


Passport Pouch:

To KEEP ON YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL in waist belt or neck pouch—one or the other is mandatory! You might consider having both or alternating with a friend in the event that one becomes uncomfortable (if you do this you must make sure to fully remove and transfer all of your belongings to the other one).

¨  passport (be sure to sign it)

¨  debit/ATM card, credit card, traveler’s checks

¨  small amount of American money and foreign currency

¨  hotel list with contact info for teachers during family stay

¨  watch (be sure to wear a watch; being on time is critical!)



Carry-on bag:

Try to find a small/manageable bag--backbacks or shoulder bags work well.

It must fit in the overhead bin or under your seat on the plane.


To PACK IN CARRY-ON: (Liquids in 3oz bottles in quart -sized plastic bag)

¨  camera, memory card, batteries

¨  foreign language/English dictionary, journal, pen

¨  calculator (for currency exchanges)

¨  medicines in original containers (headache, cough/cold) prescriptions and generic names of all essential medicines eyeglasses (÷ prescription), contact cases, solution, sunglasses

¨  one change of clothes (in case your suitcase is delayed or lost) toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, comb/brush

¨  hard candy, mints, gum,, (optional)

¨  decongestant, nasal spray (for ear problems during flight—optional)

¨  cards, games. occupy you on the plane (optional)

¨  Downy Wrinkle Release for clothes

¨  motion sickness medicine if you use it for flights or buses (we will be transferring on a bus after the flight)


Checked suitcase:

Your suitcase needs to be a maximum of 22" high (suitcase or duffle with built-in wheels)

It must weigh less than 40lbs--preferably much less (think half)!

Do not lock it or use a TSA approved lock

Reminder: Our group is large and need to share a charter bus, so pack small and portable for easy loading and unloading. Students will also be expected to use the stairs on occasion when we arrive to a hotel as many hotels in France have very small or no elevators and it will cut down on wait time as we get into our rooms if more people use the stairs.



¨  3-4 changes of mix-match clothes which can be layered for hot or cool weather (washable and quick drying fabrics are best). Be conservative!

¨  shorts/tanks tops are for the beach only; pajama/sweat pants are not

¨  appropriate for sightseeing nor for flights; no jeans with holes.

¨  one dressy outfit

¨  2 pairs comfortable shoes (No flip-flops for daily walking wear)

¨  underwear, socks (micro fiber wears well and dries quickly)

¨  pajamas and slippers or flip-flops

¨  swimsuit, cover-up

¨  sweater, rain jacket, umbrella (or hooded jacket), gloves (spring or fall)

¨  washcloth and toilet articles in sample sizes, packed in zip-loc baggies to prevent leaking (soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving supplies, lotion), hygiene products

¨  travel alarm, small flashlight/book light

¨  tissues, band-aids, wet wipes, nail clipper, safety pins (pack in baggies) Swiss Army knife, fork, spoon for picnics (pack in baggies)

¨  plastic bag for dirty laundry, small amount of laundry soap

¨  addresses for postcards or address labels prepared in advance

¨  a few pictures of your family/friends

¨  photo/scrapbook plus gifts for your host family (see p.17)

¨  photocopy of the picture section of your passport, extra passport pictures

¨  numbers to call for lost cards and record of traveler’s check numbers

¨  optional: dual voltage hair dryer PLUS adaptor plug for outlet

¨  a few extra zip-loc bags

¨  travel books or maps

¨  gift for your host family (unwrapped—you may want to include a gift bag flattened in your suitcase to put it in when you arrive)