Money is usually the second most stressful element of the trip for both students and their families. Everyone asks "Do I have enough?" ""What if I lose my money?" "What is the best way to carry my money?" and numerous other questions.
The first step is to contact your financial institution and ask them for the information you will need to decide which form of money and how you will access it while in France is best for you.
You may want to contact your financial institution with the following questions. I would suggest doing it by email as this way the often confusing information will be in writing.
My son/daughter,                        will be travelling this summer to France and have a couple of questions that will help both me and them as we get closer. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. My account number is _____________
1. I would like to find out what the fees are for withdrawing cash from an ATM in France as well as the charge that will be required to exchange currency when using my Bank name Visa/Mastercard/etc Debit Card. I realize they might charge their own fees, but what I am interested to know what is charged by  Bank name Visa/Mastercard/etc
2. What fees are there for making purchases abroad (ie currency exchange fee)?
3. Do you carry pre-paid debit/gift cards that could be either used for purchase or ATM withdrawals while in France? If so, what is the charge and fees associated with those (exchange fees, withdrawal fees, etc)? 
4. What are your age requirements for a debit/checking account? Do you offer any teen programs that would be possible for my child who is age  years old.
5. Is it possible to get a copy of our debit/credit card in my child's name or will they be able to use a copy of my card in case of emergencies?
Thank you in advance for your responses and it will help me a great deal in preparing for this trip. 
 Your name, address, phone and account number for verification

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