Photos of former Gwinn students with their
host families in France.

This summer there is a group of students coming to our region from France. They will be staying for a month in June/July and we're trying to find placements for them in American homes. The students come with a strong understanding of English and a desire to improve on it. They are coming in hopes of living the American life, not just sight-seeing!
Students come with their own insurance coverage and spending money. Families who host them provide room and board and welcome them into their life as you would a family friend.
This is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever considered study abroad or hosting a foreign exchange student as the time commitment is short and makes for a great trial period. The students fly into and out of Milwaukee and would need transportation, but if there are people interested we can arrange car-pooling. 

If you, one of your friends or family members might be interested, please talk to Mrs. Ruiz for further explanation of the program and an application.