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DNB (Family Medicine) (PDF format, 20KB)


Sickle Cell Anaemia Project Final Report (project sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research)

(PDF format, 183KB)

Newsletter January 2012, 104 (PDF format, 738KB)
Newsletter October 2011, 103 (PDF format, 1.35MB)
Newsletter July 2011, 102 (PDF format, 4.30MB)
Newsletter April 2011, 101 (ZIP format, 1.98MB)
Newsletter January 2011, 100 (ZIP format, 1.26MB)
Newsletter October 2010, 99 (ZIP format, 920KB)

Newsletter July 2010, 98 (ZIP format, 2.10MB)

Newsletter April 2010, 97 (ZIP format, 6.43MB)

Newsletter January 2010, 96 (PDF format, 592KB)

Newsletter October 2009, 95(Zip format, 2.38MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter July 2009, 94 (Zip format, 1.18MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter April 2009, 93 (Zip format, 2.58MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter January 2009, 92 (Zip format, 2.52MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter October 2008, 91 (ZIP format, 2.08MB, 4 JPEG images)

Newsletter July 2008, 90 (ZIP format, 2.41MB, 4 JPEG images)

Newsletter April 2008, 89 (ZIP format, 1.44MB, 4 JPEG images)

Newsletter January 2008, 88 (ZIP format, 2.38MB, 4 JPEG images)

Newsletter October 2007, 87 (ZIP format, 3.81MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter July 2007, 86 (ZIP format, 3.80MB, 4JPEG images)

Newsletter April 2007, 85 (PDF file, 4.48MB, 4 pages)

Newsletter January 2007, 84 (PDF file, 3.60MB, 4 pages)

Annual Report 2010-11 (high resolution), (PDF format, 18.0MB)
Annual Report 2010-11,(PDF format, 1.76MB)

Annual Report 2009-10, (PDF format, 2.35MB)

Annual Report 2008-09, Part 1 (Zip format, 2.35MB) Part 2 (Zip format, 2.18MB) 

Annual Report 2007-08, Part 1 (Zip format, 2.03MB) Part 2 (Zip format, 1.95MB) Part 3 (Zip file, 1.10MB)

Annual Report 2006-07, (PDF file, 360KB)

Annual Report 2005-06, (PDF file, 141KB)

Annual Report 2004-05, (PDF file, 283KB)

Annual Report 2003-04, (PDF file, 326KB)


P C Parmar Foundation Global Hospital Eye Care Centre, launched September 23, 2007, a brief description, (JPEG image, 992KB)

College of Ophthalmology, launched September 23, 2007, a brief description, (JPEG image, 998KB)

Radha Mohan Mehrotra Global Hospital Trauma Centre, launched September 23, 2007, a brief description, (JPEG file 1102KB)


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