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Please register before Feb 22, 2013, using the form below.

GHP2013 is a separate meeting from APS April 2013, and has a separate registration fee.
The registration fee is due upon your arrival. Cash is preferred. Checks are payable to 'The Amercian Physical Society'.

Registration fee:
  Regular registration: $100 ($80 for GHP members)
  Student registration:  $40 ($20 for GHP members)

If you are an APS member, but not a member of the GHP, you can
          join the GHP (Topical Group on Hadronic Physics)
by selecting "My Member Profile" from the "Membership" tab at, and under "Membership Information", there is an option to "Add Unit".
Note:  The annual fee for a unit membership is $8, so (at least for the year) it is cheaper than to pay the extra $20 for nonmenbers.

If you are not an APS member, you can join by selecting "Join APS" from the "Membership" tab on the main page (  Students can sign up for a one year free trial membership:


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