Pics & Video

I focused on my race and didn't take as many pictures as I wanted, but luckily Michelle Roy had my back and nabbed this beauty.  Thanks, Michelle!  Congrats to all runners, thanks to all volunteers, and I hope we will see you next year!
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Photos by Lindsey Topham (prints):
Photos by Lindsey Topham (watermarked prints):
Video by Granite Town Media:
Video by the Brookline Conservation Commission:
Video courtesy of Chris Casey:
Cool blog post by Michael Tommie Macduffie:
2011 15 miler pics (courtesy of Chris Constantino):
2011 Video of Jeff Lane finishing the 100 miler (courtesy of Greg Esbitt):
2011 Ultra Photos (courtesy of Buddy Doherty):
Courtesy of Lori Kingston
Special thanks to Tom B for his photos.
Note that course is subject to change.  The photos start at Lake Potanipo and go to the Milford DPW.