2015 Fifteen Mile Race

Welcome to the Ghost Train 15 Mile Race!
This low-key and fun race is aimed at both new and experienced trail runners.  We have a very relaxed time limit of 16 minutes per mile for those who do not want to worry about time cutoffs, and we also aim to make this a great experience for those who are looking to really fly down the trail.
Here are some facts about the race:
1) Elevation Gain/Loss: There is very little elevation gain apart from one hill.  This is a great course for beginners or those who want a fast time.
2) The Course: The course is very easy to follow.  There are white blazes on the entire trail.  Note that there is about 1/2 mile of road on the 7.5 mile end-to-end course inside Camp Tevya. 
3) The Company: You won't be all alone, since you will pass people on the out-and-back. In addition to other 15 milers, there will still be some ultrarunners out there on the trail.  There are three aid stations every 7.5 miles. In addition, there might be secret helpers out on the course with goodies, and maybe even a mysterious ghost-like aid station...
4) The Ghosts: In the spirit of Halloween, expect to see some interesting things along the trail. We don't call it the "Ghost Train" race for nothing.  This is possibly the only race in the world that guarantees it will be haunted. 
5) The Trail Animals:  This race is a part of the Trail Animals Running Club (TARC) Trail Race Series! This means that we will have experienced trail animals helping out at the race!  Check out the race series at: http://www.trailanimals.com/ Note: it is rumored that at TARC races in the past there have been bigfoot sightings...
6) The Price: In the spirit of TARC, the philosophy of this race is to keep it simple. This race is for people who love running in the woods and are pretty self-sufficient and can take care of themselves. For swag, there will be a unique prize for the first male and first female.  In addition, everyone gets a finisher's award. It won't be a medal, but it will be cool (in my opinion).  Besides that, this is a low-key race for those who just want to run!
7) Weather warning: This is New England.  Who knows if it will be hot or cold on race day?  Please plan accordingly. We will do our best to have a warm fire at each aid station, weather permitting.
8) Aid Stations:
1) Starting Line
2) Power Lines: at about miles 4ish and 12ish
3) Turnaround point at mile 7.5
9) Nourishment:  Although many runners will be trying to make for the fastest time possible, if you are a more relaxed runner, please enjoy yourself at the aid stations.
For hydration, we will have water, energy drink, and soda.  Since there is an ultra going on at the same time, there will be hot coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.
For food, there will be hot soup or broth, cookies, candy, chips, pretzels, fruit, etc. There will also be salted potatos, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and PB&J's.  The Power Lines will feature John and Lise Bigl's amazing creations, which change every year.
10) Medical:  We do not have medical personnel at the aid stations, so be sure to monitor yourself constantly during the race. All local emergency services will be on standby.
11) Guidelines: If you are dropping out, please let a race official know. Per USATF regulations, we discourage the use of headphones since there are five road crossings end-to-end. It goes without saying that no trail runner would ever litter. And as long at no one gets stabbed, trekking poles are permitted.
12) Safety: Please be safe. DNF can mean "Did nothing fatal."
Contact Info:
Please explore the different pages on this website.  If despite trying this you have any questions, comments, or concerns, e-mail me at s_latour@hotmail.com.