Planetary Energies ?

Are some orbs or ghost orbs planetary energies ? Are they interdimensional,intelligent beings ?  These spheres of light are also thought to be a response to the world's growing spiritual awareness. Are we being rewarded by the presence of planetary energy orbs ?  Are they interested in helping us ? When people seek the light and higher awareness do orb energies come to visit ?  Do our energies meet ?

In a beautiful ashram near Ratu, nearby the east coast in Bali, there is a lot of excitement at the presence of huge masses of beautiful orbs. Which are believed to be higher realms of consciousness at play, and are visiting to give credit to people's growing spiritual awareness and open minds.  This seems very "New Age" to say the least. And who's to know ? Maybe it's true. There are a lot of interesting theories about these light energies. It's exciting. You can go there. And Ratu has students from over 20 different countries across the world.  

Many people, including visitors, have seen and recorded amazing displays of orbs in and around the area of Ratu.  Lots of people travel there as a sort of spiritual journey and some are hoping to become more healthy. The photos of the large amounts of orbs are amazing. I was used to seeing one or two or a few more orbs, but nothing like this. People take photographs there of incredible energy orbs, planetary energy orbs of light. 

Ratu Bagus is a man known for his knowledge of the energy orbs or devas, as he considers them to be.  He was born in Gianyar in Bali in November 1949 and was named I Ketut Widnya and came from a large family. Their life was not easy. Living among poor people in his life gave him great compassion and a desire to make positive changes. The people had poor health care and needed help. "Ratu Bagus" means "good king" and he is a Brahmin of the highest class, and also is a healer,community leader and spiritual teacher in Bali. Divine love plays a huge role in his life.  He says that his knowledge has come directly from the Light. He's known as a very kind and humble person and his main desire is to help others. He realized he had been given a great gift in order to help humanity. He wants peace and health for everyone at no personal gain for himself.  He began his ashram in 1987 and it has steadily become more well known.

Ratu Bagus has healed people who were at the point of death and his ashram has an astounding amount of orb visitation. Ratu feels his calling in life is to help people who are suffering. He has said that high levels of spirituality reaches up and out to the planets. When he gives talks energy orbs can be seen traveling through the room. 

Ratu is obviously a very spiritual person. His life began it's major changes and the turn towards strong spirituality when he first started noting a need to go live in a place that was close to nature. Nature itself is very healing, and he still lives in a place of natural beauty. In this often negative world, stories like this are full of hope. Ratu wants to heal the world and has a fine expansion plan for his ashram. It will be enlarged and updated as many more people are becoming aware and interested in involvement with this special healer and this special place. A school and a hospital are part of the new plan.

Visiting the ashram - 1995: Ratu Bagus in Bali

In the video above, Ratu Bagus is at his Ashram.

Energy Orbs

On the sacred day of Nyepi or Day of Silence in Bali, no light or electricity is ever used. People stay in their homes for the special day. Silence covers the entire island at it sits  in darkness in the night hours. The video above was made at the huge Nyepi Ceremony that was held at the ashram in 2009. "Nyepi orbs"  as they were referred to, were seen.