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If you've ever captured what looked like circles of light in photos or video you might have captured a ghost orb.  Some people have experienced seeing orbs in person, not just caught on camera. Spirit orbs are floating balls of energy and often appear in digital photographs or on video. Frequently ghost hunters often encounter them in all kinds of haunted places. Investigators have managed to get a lot of orb video and pictures. It opens up many questions. What is an orb ?  Why do they visit ?  Where are they from ? This unique phenomena is considered to be spirits of people that take on the shape and appearance of traveling balls of light energy, or possibly ectoplasm. Orbs are a temporary mode of travel for spirits of deceased people who have crossed over into the afterlife. And there are other theories as well. They are presented here, throughout the site. These orbs are investigated by many people in a serious fashion, and as you will see from a variety of videos I've added here the mysterious orbs really are becoming quite a popular topic.

Ghost orbs vary a lot - they can be clear, or solid, or even a little like opals, with more than one color. Some are blue, pink, yellow  or other colors. Others may even appear to have faces, although that could sometimes be due to shadows or objects that are behind the orbs when the photo is taken. People have claimed to see all kinds of faces, even a child's face in an orb. Especially if the orb is more clear rather than opaque. The subject of orbs is very exciting because anyone can capture them on film. These luminous balls of energy can appear by themselves, or in multiples or even huge clouds. They can travel slowly or quickly. The size can vary and you might see some small orbs traveling with bigger ones.  Some people assume that all orbs are just "dust" or pollen, while other people want to be more open-minded about all the possibilities.

This is a photo I took at my old grade school. It is a hallway outside the school's cafeteria. Dust particles or ghost orbs ? I was surprised to see I had them in this photograph. At the time, as far as I knew I was merely taking pictures of a place from my childhood. Getting orbs on film can be a total surprise and that makes it all the more interesting for me.

You don't have to go to a graveyard or a famous haunted place to get spirits  in your pictures. They might show up in photographs or video you take in your own home or garden. The spirit world is all around us. I believe, like many other people do, that we are really never alone. Not to worry, spirits are people too except they have left their physical bodies. While I believe that orbs can certainly be spirit energy I do keep in mind that there are other explanations. These floating lights or orbs have been documented back at least as far as the 1800's by psychic researchers and psychic mediums.

The still-photographs on this site are pictures I took and they show some of my personal experience with orbs. If you watch TV shows or DVD's like Paranormal State you might have seen episodes where spirit orbs were actually caught on video,moving through rooms. It is really dramatic on video. Some orbs appear to steer their way around rooms and through doorways.

Balls of traveling light are just one way you might see spiritual energy. From all I have read and experienced I don't think that orbs are the only form that spirits or ghosts take on. As most people are aware of, human spirits often look just the way they did before they passed on, sometimes preferring to appear younger if they died when they were old. Or they might appear as vapor mist or outlines. Fully life-like apparitions are also possible, some have been mistaken for living people. Or you might see a human spirit form only partially manifested, like an unfinished painting. Ghost or spirit orbs can unexpectedly show up on your photos or videos. When it comes to photographing the afterlife many things can happen.

Orbs are often photographed in groups. Some people believe they are groups of spirits traveling or appearing together. Some psychics claim they can communicate with them. Spirits or ghosts are often here on earth, either wishing to communicate or for some reason are unable or unwilling to go on to higher spirit realms. Some spirits have crossed over and are doing well but simply wish to help or watch over friends and family. Most spirits are not around to cause any harm, although negative spirits do exist, and others are just a nuisance.

People often use the terms "ghost" and "spirit" as meaning the same thing. Technically though the are different. A spirit is the same as you or I ,they are just out of body. As we will be some day. Ghosts are more automatic,you can't really interact with them the same way you can with spirits. A ghost might be seen repeating the same actions, as if stuck in a groove. A spirit is more like a functioning,earthly person except they are in spirit form.  Below are some videos about ghost orbs.

There are also animal ghost orbs ! Like people, the spirits of animals are among us and they can travel as ghost orbs like a human spirit can. Some people claim they see animal faces on orbs. I do believe that our pets come back to visit us. I've not seen an animal orb myself, but I've had psychic experiences with two of my deceased pets. So, for me as well as other people the idea of animal orbs isn't so far-fetched.

 I used to have a little chihuahua, and my whole family was crushed when she suddenly died for no apparent reason.  Shortly after she passed,  I was removing a large load of laundry from my laundry room when I happened to looked down. And there she was, my chihuahua was near my feet on the floor.  I saw the familiar shape of her little back and head, and out of complete surprise I dropped the laundry on the floor. Also, we'd hear her barking in the yard. A chihuahua has a certain bark, I was certain it was her and that the barking was coming from my yard. None of my neighbors had chihuahuas either. The sound seemed to come from the gate. When my son heard her barking, he heard it more towards the middle of the back yard. If you ever get orb photographs, enlarge them and look closely because you might see the face of your beloved pet. Or an animal you've never known.  For all I know, one day I might see an orb with the face of my little dog. It does sound a little dramatic, but life is unusual.


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Life lives on. All living things on the planet  have a life force or energy that powers them. We are spirits in bodies.  Also this life force in human beings is can be referred to as the soul or spirit energy.  The soul has the intelligence, memory, emotions and  personality of the individual that survives after so-called " death". The life force/life energy survives beyond physical death because energy cannot be destroyed - but it can be transformed into other energy forms, like orbs !  Or other manifestations. Do be wary of your self protection though. Don't always assume that energies are benign or innocent.  Many people use prayers as protection. Some people feel that you should not delve into what might be called "paranormal" at all, often for religious reasons. What might you do if you see orbs ?

Real Spirit Orbs with EVP Validation Proof in my home. Huff Paranormal.

  And here is yet another informative video about ghost orbs. Enjoy !