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This will be a page where I discuss some of the links I pressent in the bar to the left. If there are somethig speciell with them I will be adding an extra text to them. Nothing fency, just another nice place to keep some of the links.

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Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game have been spreed very mutch thouse days. It's a way to peaple to run around in a fantasy world and interact with other character. Wikipedia have more information about this. The site have a list of allmoust all mmorpg that is out there. You can find it here. Then they have a thread in there forum that show all the free mmorpg games. This list can be found here. If you have a boring day and whant to test something new then this is something for you.


Massive Multiplayer Onlince Real Time Strategy are in my opinion one of the finniest games. They are however allso the hardest to make so unfortunaly there are'nt many out there. There are one list here that you can look at. Compared to mmorpg when you only have one character to controll in mmorts you can have big city or an army that you should controll. This can be alittle problem to get a nice balance in the game. One game that I like and have what I think is a nice balance is Shattered Galaxy.


It's a nice world we live in. Some people let us read there work for free. They spend allot of time to do all there episodes and just put it out so everyone can read it. I think they all should be apprechiated. We have seen all the record companys that try to get as mutch out of our many and these guys and girls are doing this allmost for free. Only hoping they will get some donation. I think that's pritty cool. I realy like when the auther have the ability to make it so exciting that you just must read the next update and allmoust hit the refresh button every minut to get the new one.  The two webcomics I continue to read are Megatokyo and Inverloch. They are very different but they both have very good auther in my opinien.


Do you have more then one computer. Do you have problem with all your keyboards and mouses. Do you whant a monitor to every computer but only one keyboard and one mouse to run all the computers. This can be done with Synergy. It's a realy nice program that works not only in one OS but over different one if you have that.