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Janine Melnitz: [answers the phone] Hello, Ghostbusters... Yes, of course they're serious... You do?... You have?... No kidding. Just gimme the address... Oh sure, they will be totally discreet. Thank you
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Janine Melnitz: WE GOT ONE.


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Ghost links***

Accurate, Online Psychic Readings (Numerous categories including paranormal.)

Adventures Beyond   (The "Reality" of the Paranormal)

American Ghost Hunts 101 (I shot a Ghost DVD / documentary on south Texas ghosts. Its called American Ghost Hunts 101 and was shot and edited and written by me in 2002. It was produced in San Antonio, Goliad, Huntsville, Waxahachie, Austin, Houston and had interviews from a paranormal research center in Raleigh North Carolina.)

Arizona Paranormal Investigations

Bob's Ghost Museum  (Some photos to view. Take a good look around.)

Bridge to the Paranormal  (Ghosts & Hauntings, Parapsychology, Psychics, UFOS, Aliens, Crop Circles, and so so much more.)

Connecticut Ghost Hunters of Shoreline Towns CGHOSTS  (CGHOSTS is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to research, investigation, education, and archiving of paranormal activity in the Connecticut Area.  We also offer paracounseling, working with individuals or families who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and feel they need support around these events affecting their lives.)

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society  (Over 300 free photos. Ghost stories, investigations, links.)

Crawford County Illinois Ghost Hunters  (An investigative group located in Crawford County Illinois. Their website includes photographs, notes from their investigations, visitors photos, info on haunted locations in Illinois, ghost hunting tips.)

Cross Over Already

Do Ghosts Exist  (Give your opinion if ghosts exist or not.)

Ghost Investigators Society  (Photos, EVPs, videos, stories, and also their investigations, links included. A nice big site to browse late at night.)

Ghost of Shepherdstown shepherdstown/main/html  (Group seeking local ghost stories in Shepherdstown, wv area. Site includes information on ghost and supernatural superstitions. We are a new site and will be adding lots more stuff.)

Ghost Sleuth (Psychic intervention, paranormal investigations with full reports, photos, stories, and more. please come visit. and one request. Please sign the quest book on my about page so I will know you were there.)

Ghost Stories   (Ghost stories, photos, and links. Contains a Forum, Chat area, and a listing of events.)

Ghost  (Check out their amazing ghost photo gallery! Learn about ghosts, orbs, and other strange anomalies. Find out how to hunt ghosts and how to take your own ghost photos!)

Ghost Videos  (Loaded with videos of ghosts, awesome site!)

Great Lakes Paranormal Society  (Our Mission: Here at Great Lakes Paranormal Society we strongly believe that there is life after death. There are many things that we believe can happen to a spirit . Often times they become trapped for whatever reason and are unable to pass to another world. In most cases when paranormal activities occur it is because they are trying to pass on to another world or trying to make contact with past family members. A sprit is used to the surroundings around them and anytime that something is changed or moved this can make them up tight. And create a fuss. People believe so many different things and in most cases a spirit is not intending on harming anyone rather they are just used to a certain daily routine and they get confused when things are different. They do not believe that they have passed on they believe that they are still living their life the way that they once did. There are some situations were spirits will become angry when provoked and this is what we here at Great Lakes Paranormal Society are trying to prevent. We believe that spirits were once people too! We believe the TRUTH it is out there and we are here to find it.)

Hauntings Research Group  (Reports on haunted locations, Editorials, Readers views, links.)

Hello Ghost (A site about a possible paranormal 'thing' that seems to be residing at, or visiting, my house in Clermont County.)

Illinois Paranormal Researchers (To provide our clients with comfort and safety during and after investigations. To provide our clients with answers to the activity they are facing. We believe in taking a scientific approach to the paranormal)

I.M.O.V.E.S.  (Ghost investigation group based in Central New York.)

In Search of Ghosts 

Insight Paranormal Investigations Stafford Springs CT

International Ghost Hunters Society  (EVP's, ghost photos, stories, links, clubs. Note: Members and Non-members areas.)

Lincolnshire Unexplained (An extensive section on Lincolnshire Unexplained from the BBC: their Ghost Cam

Minnesota Paranormal Study Group  (MNPSG is a service offered to residents of Northern Minnesota that helps to investigate, educate on, and consultant those with ghostly phenomena.)

Mr. Haunted (Psychic photos, EVP, Exorcism, info on Dudleytown. Haunted cemeteries and my own experiences with the paranormal.)

Nevada Ghost Team  (Paranormal investigators based in Las Vegas.)

New England Society for Psychic Research  (Warrens Official website)  (The nations top psychic researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren's homepage. The most popular case they ever investigated: Amityville.)

New Jersey Ghost Research  (A scientific based paranormal research agency that conducts research details in the NJ / PA / DEL areas.)

Old Western State Hospital/Washington State (Dedicated to Old Western State Hospital in Washington State. Has a great history on the hospital and lots of pictures (more to be added soon). The hospital is considered very haunted.)

Oxford Ghost Hunters  ("This Site contains Investigations done By O.G.R Around Ontario Canada. O.G.R. is a Non Profit Group of Paranormal Researchers.")

Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England  (Paranormal Researchers John Zaffis and Mike Roberge's web page. Local Haunts, Investigations, Psychic Links, Photos, Dudleytown CT investigation.)

Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance   (Full of spirit photography, reports about their investigations, their theories about ghosts, and hauntings, etc. Includes a ton of information about this realm of the supernatural. Contains true ghost stories, recordings, photographs, links. They have an excellent Fake/Mishaps picture section as well.)

Paranormal Research Society of Penn State  (P.R.S.)  (You've seen the show now visit their site.)

REAL Haunted Houses  (State by state listing of haunted houses and locations.)

Real Haunted House Ghost Photographs- (The ghost photographs feature ghost apparitions, animal ghosts, ghost faces, and an unknown ghost creature. Also see unknown floating objects and aliens.)

San Diego Paranormal  ("Pictures, EVP and books for sale on the Haunted Whaley House, Haunted Catalina, Alcatraz, and Haunted Queen Mary. These are rare and collectible books at reasonable prices. All signed by author upon request. San Diego Paranormal Project working with docents from the Whaley House and Villa Montezuma.")

Spirit Finders 

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.)  (You've seen the show now visit their site.)

The Amityville Murders  (Website devoted to the DeFeo murders at that infamous house on 112 Ocean Ave. Amityville LI. Full story from the beginning. Newspaper articles, videos, photos.)

The Haunted diary - (An internet diary log that is an account of ghosts and spirits located in two different houses in Pennsylvania, USA. Proof is provided by images, documentations, a chat room, ghost cams, stories and feedback from a paranormal message board in which readers are invited to participate in discussions. A ghost cam is featured in each house, for a total of two live cams!  Visit us and you just MAY catch a glimpse of the supernatural. Do you believe?)

The New England Ghost Project  (Investigations, photos, scheduled lectures, tarot card readings, links, newsletter.)

True Ghost Stories of the West   (True ghost stories of the southwest. Learn more about this definitive, first ever written book series of hauntings, paranormal encounters, and spooky history of the southwestern U.S.  States. Included are Arizona, New Mexico, California, American Indian Reservations and Pueblos, and Colorado.)

The Paranormal Post Office   (A true ghost story.)

  The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings  (Started in 1994 as a safe haven for people who have one thing in common, experiences with ghosts. This is a place where you can share experiences, learn and interact without being laughed at or ridiculed. The page features over 13,000 visitor submitted stories, many photos, and evp sounds. There is info on ghost investigations and other ghost related things. There is also a haunted places index with listings by state and country. A discussion forum is also featured so visitors may exchange info, ask questions and get advice. There is also a few resident paranormal investigators that help out with problem cases as well as a group of organizations that can assist visitors with problem hauntings.)

UK's Mystery Magazine  (Filled with shared research and articles covering many paranormal happenings in the UK. Including; ghosts, UFOs, Loch Ness monster, Big Cats, Ancient Folklore, and the like.)

Where ghosts do dwell  (True ghost and supernatural experiences.)


Links to websites which are for movies about the Paranormal.


"The Bell Witch Haunting" is a feature film based on America's most legendary and true haunting. The movie is a supernatural thriller that mixes a frightful ghost story and history to create an entertaining suspenseful account of actual events that happened from 1817 to 1821, in which a vengeful spirit tortured John Bell and his family, leaving him in a terrifying fight to save his children and his own life! The DVD includes the 2-hour Feature Film, 45 minutes of Behind the Scenes and over 40 minutes of Deleted Scenes. The DVD, trailer, photos and information on the legend and movie are on the website
"Nightmares from the Mind of Poe" is a feature film depicting four of Edgar Allan Poe's most well-known works of suspense and horror - "The Raven", "The Cask of Amontillado", "Premature Burial" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" Poe's words, the way he wrote them.  Throughout Edgar Allan Poe's life he was plagued with nightmares and the death of those he loved, which was the basis for many of his stories and poems.  In the film, because of the insomnia, sadness and despair that Poe experienced in real life, he often finds himself in the middle of his nightmares as the victim or antagonist.  The DVD, trailer, photos and information on Poe, the stories and movie are on the website


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