An incredibly famous 16th century Castle 


Praa Sands, Cornwall;

This location hardly needs any introduction. It is widely acknowledged as "The Most Haunted Location in the UK"

It has been featured on many TV programmes and in numerous books, media and publications

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This haunted and mysterious building is said to be home to several ghosts and many strange occurrences. 

Pengersick itself is also one of the most important historical sites in Cornwall. A castle has existed on this site since the Middle Ages and was rebuilt as a fortified Tudor manor in about 1500. The tower of this extensive dwelling survives intact today. The families who lived here were among the most celebrated around and gave rise to numerous legends.
Indeed, many of the ghosts, possibly residing here today, are linked to these infamous Milliton and Pengersick families.


There are absolutely no gimmicks, Pengersick genuinely is claimed to be a very haunted place. The numerous ghosts have attracted vast Worldwide media attention and appeared on such TV programmes as: MOST HAUNTED, GHOST DETECTIVES, HAUNTED BRITAIN, GMTV, NOTORIOUS CASTLES, ANIMAL X and many, many more.




Paranormal activity is said to be widespread with many stories of ‘strange’ occurrences being reported – and for many years. The Paranormal Research Organisation and the British Ghost Club society have carried out several investigations here  and produced what they feel to be genuine evidence of the paranormal.

Previous activity has included: people hearing  unexplained noises and witnesses having seen ghostly figures, apparitions, moving shadows, sudden flashes of light and many other peculiar sights.

A very, very atmospheric place.


Over thirty separate spirit presences have been identified at Pengersick; though naturally some have to be given more credence than others.

It is undoubtedly an intriguing place, where strange things happen all the time.

·        Many people have claimed to have encountered one or more of the ghostly figures.

·        Countless people have seen or photographed strange light anomalies.

·        People inevitably experience strange feelings: of being watched; charged electric atmospheres; being tired and drained; shivers; tingling sensations; fear; dizziness of not being alone and much more besides.

·        Electrical malfunctions are common place, including: cameras malfunctioning or photographs never coming out; new batteries draining instantly, Dictaphones failing to run; video cameras refusing to work, and much more.

·        Mysterious noises are often heard.

·        Strange smells are often smelt.


Hardly anybody visits Pengersick without having a strange and unexplainable experience, even the greatest sceptics. Some of the extraordinary events, which have occurred, have happened in front of many startled witnesses during these evenings:



 These events are priced at either:

£17.50 per person for 8.00pm - 1.00am


£35.00 per person for  9.00pm - 5.00am

(all night)

You will have every opportunity to spend time, under expert guidance, in all of the historic and allegedly haunted areas of historic Pengersick Castle. We have run over 250 events exclusively  here  since 2001.


The price is just £17.50 per person or £35.00 for an all night event.


A substatnital part of the cost of your night will go towards the important process of the ongoing upkeep of the castle.


We can also arrange private group nights on request (15-20 people).


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