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A Decent Homepage at Last

After visiting and revisiting many web page hosting sites, like geocities, bravenet, I think that Google has the best one. I say this is the best as with a single Google account one has a unified offering of webpage, email , docs, and other Google features .

Though one might argue that Yahoo also doee provide similar features, but from the user point of view , Google is head and shoulders above Yahoo.

Let me take the example of creating the web page. Earlier I had hosted my web site on Geocites and it lacked ALL that zing, I found in other web sites. Same happened with Bravenet also ; friends told me that if I could add some HTML code I can replace the vanilla stuff with something better. But unfortunately as web designing and publishing was out of street for me, I had to be content with Geocities.

Today it took a couple of minutes and few mouse clicks to create this web page..... and it has everything you can think of .... cool templates, customizabale layouts, image hosting, rich text editor .... and as I said earlier the Google Unification.

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