NXTControlV2 - Lego Mindstorms NXT remote controlled with an Android mobile phone directly via Bluetooth

Short explanation

This application is version 2 of NXTControl for remote controlling a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot via an Android powered mobile phone. The difference is that you no longer need an intermediate PC, you can directly control the NXT via Bluetooth. All you need to have is an Android powered smartphone with at least Android version 2.1. There is also an Action-Button for doing other things than moving around (see video).



Installation instructions for Ubuntu Linux

  1. Prerequistes
  2. Download NXTControlV2.0.tar.gz (see Attachments) and extract the contents. You will find a directory NXTControl.
  3. Build and upload the Android part to the mobile phone
    cd NXTControl/NXTControlAndroid/
    ant install
    cd ..
  4. Build and upload the NXT part to the brick. I used leJOS NXJ version 0.85.
    cd NXTControlLeJOS
    nxjc NXTControlLeJOS.java
    nxj NXTControlLeJOS
  5. Turn on the NXT robot and activate Bluetooth on the Android phone. Pair with the NXT robot (pincode is 1234 at default).
  6. Start the NXTControlLejos application on the robot.
  7. Start the Android application and connect to the robot. 
  8. Here we go!
Guenther Hoelzl,
Jun 20, 2010, 1:15 PM